The three legged stool of data science

“Data Science is a three-legged stool that combines business acumen, data wrangling and analytics to create extreme value. Focusing on the hard science skills such as statistical methods is a common mistake when actually, developing the knowledge about a particular business and wrangling the relevant data are often the most important skills to bring to the table.” In my experience, failure of data science and … Continue reading The three legged stool of data science

Christmas Carol as created by an AI

I’m not sure that AIs are really ready to create art that I can appreciate, but there must be a start to it.  Here’s a first attempt of an AI (recurrent neural network) creating a Christmas Carol from an inspirational picture and over 100 hours of music.  Give it a listen and see what you think of it.   Continue reading Christmas Carol as created by an AI

Data usage without consumer knowledge

As someone who has used online customer data extensively in multiple roles and at multiple companies, I really believe most companies are respectful in their use of customer data and are attempting to improve the customer’s life. I tend towards sharing my own data with companies that request it that I respect and have a relationship with. Perhaps for me especially that is why it … Continue reading Data usage without consumer knowledge

Online marketing analytics beyond CTR

I’ve mentioned before that click-through rate (or CTR) isn’t the only method for measuring a marketing campaign. While it’s a useful metric, focusing on it without considering other ways a campaign is performing might not give you a complete, accurate picture of what’s really going on. In part one of this video, I explained that the goal of the campaign is very important to an understanding … Continue reading Online marketing analytics beyond CTR

Evolution of Analytics – BMI

  Many people look at work done in the past, find flaws, and are quick to throw away the old in favor of the new. I’m all for evolving our thinking, but I find it difficult to stomach when an analyst or analytics consumer says flat-out, “This measurement is pure BS and doesn’t work at all.” In most cases, there’s a reason why a given … Continue reading Evolution of Analytics – BMI

How to be more successful with analytics

Hasn’t everyone these days already heard about how analytics has improved a business; making it more nimble, more efficient, more able to customize to consumer needs?  So, why are there still unsuccessful analytics projects?  In large part, analytics has definitely piqued most everyone’s interest. The majority of businesses want analytics as part of their decision making.  The problem that arises is that the nontechnical business … Continue reading How to be more successful with analytics